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What parents have to say...

Charlotte is a gift! She keeps piano lessons light and fun-filled, while building children’s knowledge of music in an organic and playful way. I appreciate the way that she met my son and daughter where they were musically and as individuals. Both of my children deeply enjoy their time with Charlotte and grew immensely over the course of our sessions.
- Alissa D 

My daughter adores learning piano from Charlotte, who is a talented, proficient, and experienced musical teacher. She's both instructive and supportive of her students. In just 4 months, my daughter has gained musical fluency, technique, and the confidence to perform in front of an audience. I highly recommend giving your child, or yourself, the opportunity to learn from Charlotte.
- Nathaniel B

We are so lucky to have found such an amazing piano teacher! Charlotte is incredibly skillful at making piano fun and following the student’s lead, while also encouraging them to take risks and try new things. She explains musical concepts very clearly and builds on students’ strengths. She is very attuned to their emotions and paces the lesson to keep them engaged and learning new music and skills, but still feeling confident. I have been very impressed by how much my child has learned in just a few short months.
- Caitlin K

Charlotte has a rare kind of magic. Her warmth and talent is evident in my daughter's lessons. She's not just helping her learn to play the piano, but to approach life with confidence, a "can do attitude" and organization. Charlotte makes learning difficult things fun and fulfilling. She has a deep understanding of music, piano, voice, and kids and marries them seamlessly in her lessons. We can't wait for lesson day-being in Charlotte's presence is a highlight of our week! 
- Amber B

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